Navigating Human Resources with Basab Bordoloi: A Fusion CX Leadership Interview

Basab Bordoloi

Basab Bordoloi stands as a testament to the transformative power of human resources in the bustling corridors of Fusion CX, where innovation meets empathy. As the Chief Human Resource Officer, his journey from nurturing talent at Elbee Services to steering the HR helm at Fusion CX encapsulates a rich tapestry of experiences. Basab shares insights into his career, leadership philosophy, and the human element in HR in this exclusive interview.

Q: Basab, with over 30 years in the HR industry, how do you reflect on your journey to becoming a leader at Fusion CX?

Basab: It’s been a fascinating journey that taught me the essence of HR goes beyond hiring and appraisals—it’s about being a catalyst for an organization’s culture. My success mantra has always been to do things from the heart. This passion has driven me to develop people and create leaders, fostering a culture where continuous learning and growth are paramount.

Q: Your leadership approach has a significant impact on Fusion CX. Could you elaborate on your style and methodologies?

Basab: Absolutely. I believe in situational leadership—understanding that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. My job is to inspire, motivate, and sometimes, get hands-on. This means adapting my style to coach, support, or direct as needed. The core of my approach is effective communication, ensuring I’m always accessible and adaptable to the team’s needs.

Q: What initial learnings have stayed with you from your early days to now?

Basab: My early career taught me the importance of evolving from a personnel manager to an HRBP, focusing on people development, career counseling, and retention. These roles emphasized the need to be deeply involved in all aspects of the business, a philosophy I carry today.

Q: Can you walk us through your professional journey and the roles you’ve played before joining Fusion CX?

Basab: Before Fusion CX, I was the Global Head of HR at iSON Xperiences, where I balanced people, roles, and organizational goals across diverse cultures in 18 countries. My tenure at Jubilant Foodworks, Dominos, and Barbeque Nation involved spearheading HR policies and processes that drove significant growth and recognition as top employers. Each role was a building block, preparing me for the challenges and opportunities at Fusion CX.

Q: Looking ahead, what changes in market behavior do you anticipate, and what opportunities do you foresee for HR?

Basab: The future of HR is about creating integrated systems aligning individual strategies, goals, and values. Understanding market trends and developing strategies accordingly will be crucial in this digital transformation era. We must focus on brand recognition, adapt to global workforce shifts, and ensure our practices are inclusive and diverse.

Q: Lastly, are there any personal anecdotes or hobbies you’d like to share that give us insight into who Basab Bordoloi is outside Fusion CX?

Basab: On a personal note, I’m an avid reader. I enjoy playing Golf and listening to music as well. I like to write on topics that reflect life and work’s playful yet strategic aspects. If I were a crayon, I’d be Sunshine Yellow, embodying warmth, positivity, and creativity.

Basab Bordoloi’s journey and leadership at Fusion CX highlight the profound impact of HR in shaping not just corporate culture but the lives of individuals within an organization. His story is a compelling reminder that at the heart of technology and business, the human element drives true innovation and growth.



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