Aleksa Bardhi: A Pillar of Excellence in EMEA

Aleksa Bardhi

Meet Aleksa, the Senior Operations Manager for the Balkans at Fusion CX, boasting an impressive 12 years in the industry. Over the last three years at Fusion, she’s transitioned from a Team Lead to a strategic leader, embodying values defining success in fast-paced outsourcing business processes.

Aleksa’s work ethic is exemplary, characterized by her dedication to the extra mile. Her commitment extends beyond long hours; she proactively tackles challenges, epitomizing resilience and a relentless pursuit of improvement.

Central to Aleksa’s success is her belief in the power of teamwork. Recognizing that collaboration is key in the BPO setting, she fosters a culture of mutual support and open communication. It reflects how much she values the collective effort that propels the team towards shared goals.

Integrity, transparency, and a customer-centric approach are not just principles for Aleksa – they are her compass. Her ethical leadership enhances Fusion’s reputation and builds trust and loyalty among her team members.

Aleksa’s adaptability and strategic vision set her apart in an ever-changing industry. Her ability to navigate challenges and seize opportunities positions her as a role model for effective BPO leadership.

As the Senior Operations Manager for the Balkans, Aleksa is not just a leader; she’s a beacon of excellence at Fusion, inspiring professionals with her 12 years of experience, values, hard work, and collaborative spirit.


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