From Agent to Global HR Director: Jeanie Vazquez’s Remarkable Journey of Growth and Empowerment

Jeanie Vazquez-Global HR Director

Fusion CX proudly highlights the inspiring story of Jeanie Vazquez, a remarkable woman whose journey epitomizes resilience, adaptability, and the power of seizing growth opportunities.

An Unexpected Beginning

Jeanie’s path at Fusion CX began unexpectedly in December 2012 when she took a call center role, pivoting from her background in finance. Little did she know this serendipitous turn would ignite a passion that shaped her remarkable career. Her natural talent and unwavering dedication quickly propelled her to become a top performer, showcasing her ability to thrive in any environment. Fueled by a desire to empower others, Jeanie pursued a leadership opportunity, guiding and supporting her team. This experience lit a fire within her, inspiring her to push boundaries and embrace challenges continually.

Turning Setbacks into Steppingstones and Embracing Challenges

When Jeanie initially faced rejection for a training role, she refused to let it define her. Instead, she persevered, embodying a growth mindset that has been instrumental in her success. This resilience transformed setbacks into stepping stones, unlocking her potential. Venturing beyond her comfort zone, Jeanie spearheaded the launch of a new site in El Salvador. She single-handedly managed all aspects, from HR and recruitment to training, supervision, and IT. Leading a team from the ground up in a new cultural landscape was daunting, but Jeanie embraced the challenge with her dedication and adaptability. Under her strategic vision and unwavering commitment, the site flourished, becoming the top revenue generator during that period.

Continual Growth and Impact

Jeanie’s thirst for growth and impact propelled her to take on new challenges, including launching the Jamaica site and later transitioning to a consulting role during Fusion CX’s acquisition phase. In 2021, she rejoined as the Senior Global Director of HR, bringing her extensive experience and leadership skills.

Jeanie’s passion for helping others and tackling challenges head-on is at the core of her success. Her ability to adapt to change, innovate, and solve problems has been instrumental in her remarkable journey. Jeanie believes the people at Fusion CX are the heart and soul of the company. She emphasizes team spirit, collaboration, mutual support, and the company’s diverse, inclusive culture that allows individuals to flourish.

Life Beyond Work

With a keen eye on the future, Jeanie foresees a rise in nearshoring and believes Fusion CX is well-positioned with its strategic locations, skilled workforce, and commitment to quality. Despite her demanding career, Jeanie cherishes family time, finding joy in their connection, and striving for balance.

A Supportive Environment

Jeanie highlights the supportive, nurturing environment at Fusion CX, which fosters talent and empowers individuals like her to excel and inspire others. Jeanie Vazquez’s story is a testament to remarkable heights achieved through resilience, adaptability, and embracing challenges. Her journey inspires, reminding us that with determination and the right support, even unexpected beginnings can pave extraordinary growth and empowerment.


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